I+D Projects

At Inelcan we strive for an increase in innovation which means improvement of sales and management procedures for our clients. We are committed to people and thanks to our human capital we are able to develop projects that, aside from meeting the established goals, provide great personal and professional satisfaction.

Research and Development Project


    Management of ambulance transportation services for Transportes Aéreo Sanitarios Isleños. Project completed for a private entity.


    Smart System for planning, eco-efficient management, and dynamic optimization of transportation. R&D&I project within the Avanza Competitividad (Competitiveness Advancement) program of the Ministry of Industry, Tourism, and Commerce.


    Development of a tool for real time monitoring of the transportation of hazardous materials in Spain. R&D project within the subprogram INNPACTO 2011 of the Ministry of Science and Innovation.


    Time stamp unit for the capture and management of aerial photography.